We are getting some well deserved Mexication this week.

We open again Monday the 25th in lund, and Tuesday 26th in Malmö.

If you have any questions send us an email at info@taquerian.se

Have a nice midsommer


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Pollo 25:- (shredded chicken thighs with salsa mole) mild

Carnitas 25:- (pulled pork with salsa tomatillo) not hot

Azado 25:- (pulled beef brisket with salsa diablo) hot

Longaniza 25:- (chorizo sausage with achiote salsa) medium

Al pastor   25:- (grilled pork with pineapple) mild

Lengua   25:- (ox tongue “tunga” with salsa verde) medium

Chicharron 25:- (Soft boiled pork rinds “svål” & salsa diablo) hot!!

Frijoles 25:- (refried beans taco with salsa diablo) hot

Nopalitos  25:- (cactus taco with salsa mole) mild

Queso 25:- (cheese taco with chili-mayo) medium

Chile poblano 25:- (Grilled spanish paprika with salsa achiote) medium

Halloumi 30:- (Fried cheese with salsa verde) mild

Pescado 30:- (Fried cod-fish with salsa verde) mild


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