Pollo (chicken) 20kr
Carnitas (pulled pork) 20kr
Lengua (tongue) 20kr
Pescado (fish) 25kr
Longaniza (sausage) 20kr
Chicharron (pork rinds) 20kr
Cabeza (head) 20kr
Al pastor (pork & pinaple) 25kr
Tacos vegetarianos  (Tacos frijoles, Tacos kaktus and Tacos halloumi) 25kr

All our tortillas is grilled fresh and made with gluten free corn masa. The tacos is topped with onions, cilantro, pickled onions, guacamole and salsa. We recommend 3-5 tacos as one serving.

Nacos con frijoles
(nachos with beans, salsa, guaca) 35kr

Bebidas (drinks)
Jarritos 35kr
corona 35kr
soda 15kr

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