Street tacos

Pollo 25:-

(shredded chicken thighs with salsa mole) mild


Carnitas 25:-

(pulled pork with salsa tomatillo) not hot

Azado 25:-

(pulled beef brisket with salsa diablo) hot

Longaniza 25:-

(chorizo sausage with achiote salsa) medium

Al pastor   25:-

(grilled pork with pineapple) mild

Lengua   25:-

ox tongue “tunga” with salsa verde) medium

Chicharron 25:-

(Soft boiled pork rinds “svål” & salsa diablo) hot!!

Frijoles 25:-

(refried beans taco with salsa diablo) hot

Nopalitos  25:-

(cactus taco with salsa mole) mild

Queso 25:-

(cheese taco with chili-mayo) medium

Chile poblano 25:-

(Grilled spanish paprika with salsa achiote) medium

Halloumi 30:-

Fried cheese with salsa verde) mild

Pescado 30:-

(Fried cod-fish with salsa verde) mild

The “street tacos” are topped with onions, coriander, guacamole, pickled red onions, salsa and a lime wedge.

All our tortillas are grilled fresh and made with gluten free corn masa. We recommend 3-5 tacos as one serving.

If you want your tacos hot tell us


Nachos melt 90:-

(good as starter for 2 people)
(Nachos, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, gratin cheese, pulled pork or other. Topped with fresh coriander, guacamole, pickled onion & salsa)

Fredagsmys x 3 80:-

(perfect for kids)
(hard-shell tacos. Gurka, tomat- & majsmix,  cream cheese, gratängost, mild salsa, guacamole och välj mellan tex-mex kyckling eller tex-mex köttfärs)



Taco dulce     35:-

(Sweet taco with banana, Nutella, whip cream and hazelnutz on a freshly grilled tortilla)

Bebidas (drinks) 

Jarritos 40:-

(imported exclusive mexican soda)


Corona 40:-

(3,2 vol) 18 years min)


Soda 15:-


Jamaica/horchata 15:-

(Hibiscus flower punch or Sweet cinnamon rice milk)




Extra coriander 10:- 
Salsa/guacamole 15:-
Pickled onions 10:-
Diablo (hot sauce) 10:-
Chili-mayo 10:-
Extra tortilla 5:-
Extra avocado 5:-
Extra nacho chips 15:-
Maseca flour (1kg) 75:-